Counselling and Trainings for 3D Printing

Why to use counseling or training with us?

We started consulting in 2017 as we were approached to advise companies or individuals on 3D printing and additive technologies. This is partly due to the fact that professional literature in the Slovak language on 3D printing is not yet available at all. Also, there are practically no courses and trainings on our market in this area.

That is also why we consider counseling and training to be extremely necessary and devote enough preparation to bring maximum added value and to extract from our know-how just what the individual or company needs.

What are main benefits for you or your company?

  • Counselling saves time, that would be otherwise devoted to study and acquiring skills or know-how.
  • Also saves money, that would be otherwise wasted on defective work, wrong choice of a printer or materials.
  • You will get an unique overview of additive technologies, that could bring you another competitive edge.

What services do we offer?

  • Consulting for companies and individuals in the field of 3D printing (design, optimization, choice of production parameters, machine selection, return on investment calculation, etc.),
  • Training and seminars in design and production for 3D printing,
  • After dozens of training sessions, we have prepared comprehensive training programs for all phases of implementing 3D printing into companies.

Who will benefit the most?

Companies which:

  • considering use of additive manufacturing, however they are not sure about return of investment.
  • need to train staff for designing for 3D printing or operating 3D printers.
  • want to get more information how to gain a competitive edge with additive manufacturing.

Individuals who:

  • considering to purchase own 3D printer and need an assistance, so that they can make correct desision.
  • after purchasing their own 3D printer, they need to gain a technical know-how, so that they can take full advantage of it.
  • want to improve in designing for 3D printing.

Pricing of Counselling and Trainings

I will prepare an individual quote according to the focus and scope of the specific topic.

Educational presentations for schools are offered free of charge.

Are you interested? Write me a message

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