Converting production drawings into 3D models is a frequently used service because 3D models can be further modified, inserted into assemblies, or new drawings can be created based on them. How does it work and what does this process involve?

How does converting drawings to 3D models work with us?

We leverage our manufacturing and engineering experience and support for the Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD system

Based on generally accepted procedures and design standards, we will create a 3D model by parametric modeling from a technical drawing.

We can customize or optimize these models as required.

In what formats can we deliver 3D models and drawings?

We work primarily in the CAD system Autodesk Fusion 360, which allows the export of models to universal volume formats such as STEP / STP or IGES / IGS.

We can also export models to area formats such as OBJ and STL.

In the case of a request for model processing and subsequently also a technical drawing, we can supply drawings in DWG, DXF or PDF formats.

What are the limitations of this process?

For correct output, we need to have correctly defined inputs, which means technical drawing, which meets all the current requirements of technical drawing and meets the applicable technical standards STN ISO.

If the drawing is not complete or contains ambiguities, we will need to complete them.

How do I request to convert drawings to 3D models?

If you are considering or interested in these services, please fill out the form for non-binding order and our specialist will return you contacts.

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