Designing for 3D Printing

  • Based on a drawing or sketch , we will prepare for you professional 3D model parts and assemblies for 3D printing,
  • We will modify and optimize existing models for 3D printing, based on your needs and requirements,
  • Using topological optimization and generative designreduce the weight of the parts or the number of components in the assemblies
  • Thanks to reverse engineering, create a digital 3D model of your physical model for production or other uses
  • We can also implement development of complex projects,
  • We perform 3D modeling primarily in Autodesk Fusion 360.

Creating 3D Models

Lightening and consolidating parts and assemblies

In addition to developing and modeling parts, we also provide professional lightening of parts and assemblies and joining assemblies into smaller units.

These are advanced calculation methods called Generative design and Topological optimization > with which we can achieve the ideal body shape (given the specified conditions - material, load, part grip, etc.), with such speed and accuracy that no designer or even an entire development team can achieve.

What makes our 3D modeling services unique?

We have more than 10 years of experience in 3D modeling with various CAD systems.

In 2017, we began actively using Autodesk Fusion 360 to meet more demanding requirements and implement topological optimization and generative design, to reduce the weight of parts and maintain their desired properties.

An added value is in the joining of assemblies into smaller units, which reduces the complexity of assembly and also the dependence on the supply chain.

We have many years of experience in the development of production tools for powder metallurgy and injection molds and various jigs, collets, clamps, inserts, etc.

By having practical experience with formative, subtractive and additive technologies, we can design the optimal manufacturing and technological process.

What exactly can we help you with?

We are currently working on advanced editing and modeling for 3D printing (additive technologies), which means that we optimize the parts to function and at the same time to be manufactured at the lowest possible cost.

We specialize in additive technologies (3D printing), primarily plastic string melting technologies (FDM / FFF), resin curing (SLA / DLP) and polymer sintering and metal powders (SLS / MJF / SLM / DMLS).

  • We can also help you with production and design of spare parts .
  • To help you better understand the technologies and materials for production, we have prepared a list of offered materials .
  • We can also help you with production and design of spare parts .
  • To help you better understand the technologies and materials for production, we have prepared a list of offered materials .

What is the investment in 3D modeling?

The price depends on the size and complexity of the project and therefore we will prepare a specific price offer tailored to you.

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