Manufacturing via 3D Printing

  • We'll be happy to advise you on choosing the most appropriate technology and material with with regard to the required quality and production quantities.
  • Most commonly, we use the methods of melting plastic string, curing resin for appearance, functional products, or for casting and sintering polymer powder or pure metal or alloy
  • New is composite manufacturing - a blend of 2 materials with unique properties that makes the most of them

Why use 3D printing production with us?

For almost 10 years we have been actively working with various additive manufacturing technologies and modeling software, with results from our practice in the form of successfully completed more than 250 unique 3D printing projects.

We have experience with conventional engineering and metal working and processing technologies. This allows us to help us choose the most suitable production technology or their combination according to the specified requirements.

In practice, 3D printing may not be perfectly suited to a particular task. In this case we recommend an alternative solution and optimal production technology.

As far as the additive technologies themselves are concerned, we provide production by means of plastic string melting technologies FDM / FFF, curing of SLA / DLP resin and sintering of polymer SLS / MJF and metal powders SLM / DMLS.

In addition to the realization of production, we can help you with the modification and preparation of 3D models, setting the optimum production conditions, selection of materials and technology, etc.

For more information and an overview of our experience, you can read the About Us section.

What services do we offer?

  • Production of FFF / FDM technology from ABS, PLA, PETG, ASA, Nylon, PP, TPU, HIPS, PMMA and others
  • Production by SLA / DLP technology - various types of resins, for appearance, functional products or for casting,
  • Production by SLS / MJF technology from Nylon - Polyamide PA12
  • Production by SLM / DMLS technologies - pure metals and alloys - Stainless steel 316L, AlSi10Mg, Inconel 718 and Ti64 grade 23.

We will also gladly advise you in choosing the most suitable technology and material with regard to the required quality and production quantities.

Pricing of 3D Manufacturing

  • Production of model from PLA and PETG materials: 4 € / hour. including material
  • Production of ABS and ASA models: 6 € / hour. including material
  • Production of materials from materials Nylon PA12, Nylon PA12 + 15% carbon fibers: 8 € / hour. including material
  • SLA: We will prepare an individual payment
  • Production of models from material technologies SLM and DMLS: we will prepare an individual order
  • All prices are already provided in 3D model in STEP, IGES or STL format. Construction work and modifications are charged according to the price list in the Modeling section for 3D printing.

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  • We used a 3-day training for advanced 3D printing and we were given know-how, which saved us a lot of time and resources. The training provided us with a comprehensive view of 3D printing technology and the possibilities of its use in specific applications. The approach to training was excellent.
  • Peter Jamriška, Business and technical consultant

    In our company MTS, we invested in 3D printing technology in 2019. Therefore, we turned to Stepanek3D with a request to optimize and fine-tune the print. Counseling helped us understand some of the processes we didn't understand before. Our company still benefits from extraordinary know-how and experience.

    Peter Jamriška, Business and technical consultant
    MTS, spol. s r.o.
  • Dávid Rodina, Quality Engineer
    I would like to thank Stepanek3D for professional training in the field of 3D printing, which helped us to streamline our work in production and also in the design of parts. We also recommend attending the training to other companies that want to start dealing with or improve in the use of these technologies.
    Dávid Rodina, Quality Engineer
    AAH PLASTICS Slovakia s. r. o.

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