This is an advanced calculation method that allows us to achieve the ideal body shape (given the specified conditions - material, load, part grip, etc.), with such speed and accuracy that no designer can achieve or even entire development teams.

Similar to the topological optimization method, it is a method for calculating the most suitable geometric shape of a body or assembly under known boundary conditions. In contrast to topological optimization, the volume is gradually formed and iterated in space, optimizations are only taken from an existing and predefined volume.

The output of a generative design is usually dozens of different design options , which the designer just evaluates on the basis of various criteria and chooses the most suitable design:

What technologies can you use for generative design?

The big advantage is taking production technology into account when designing .

Generative design allows us to optimize parts for the following manufacturing technologies:

  1. Additive technologies (3D printing - virtually no shape restrictions),
  2. CNC 2.5-axis, 3-axis or 5-axis machining,
  3. Casting or injection
  4. 2-axis cutting

Which parts or assemblies are suitable for generative design?

  • Parts or assemblies where the lowest possible weight is required in terms of function or service life
  • Parts or assemblies produced in high production quantities, where optimization will bring significant material savings in the long run,
  • Assemblies that contain a large number of components that can be reduced to smaller assemblies or 1 component.
  • Parts that are supposed to be visually distinct and futuristic
  • Parts or assemblies that need to be developed efficiently and in a short time.

What can you get by using generative design?

  • Ideal body shape with minimum possible weight,
  • Long-term cost savings associated with material savings
  • Increase the efficiency of devices that contain generatively optimized parts
  • Consolidate reports into smaller units,
  • Advanced bionic and organic design.

What is the investment in generative design?

The price and delivery time of optimized models or assemblies is individual and depends on the complexity of the assignment.

We can complete simpler projects in an average of 5-50 design hours per hour.

We can complete complex projects in an average of 50-250 design hours.

Delivery time depends on our current occupancy. We will prepare the price individually. If you are interested, we can prepare a individual offer .

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